The Northwest Collection of Music for the Scottish Highland Bagpipe by John Dally

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1      2010

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This is the front and rear covers. Thanks are extended to John Dally for permission to use it.

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This is a flyer advertising the book for sale and it provides some more details.

The writer has never seen this book but it has been reviewed in the Piping Times Vol 62, No 11 August 2010, page 36. John Dally has offered the following remarks:

The Northwest Collection was published by Dirdum Press (me) in April 2010; 200 copies were printed; I sold out in March of 2011 and am currently working on a revised and corrected edition. Attached you will find the front and back covers together, and a flyer showing price, ISBN. I hope to have the revised edition out in a few months. (This is from an email dated 25 May 2011)

ISBN 978-1-6094400-2-2. When the new edition is published the details will be added.


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