Sullivan Ross Volume 1 and Bagpipe Music edited by Colin Blyth

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Title; imprint; p i, contents/preface; pp ii-iii, essay; p iv, essay; pp v-viii, biography; pp ix-xiv, photographs; pp 1-111, tunes, pp 112-127, index and notes on tunes; p 128, references.

ISBN 9-9641804-4-8. This book is a facsimile of one of four manuscript books written by Sullivan Ross (1828-1904) held in the Canadian Museum of Civilzation. Photocopies of these MSS are available but because the ink has bled through the paper they are very difficult to read. Colin Blyth has inserted an image of each page into a photo editing software programme and removed all blemishes. The result is a beautifully presented book in Ross’s original manuscript.

Ross was a Scot who migrated to Canada at a young age with his family. He was a fiddle player and as an adult learned the pipes and compiled his manuscript books between 1850 and 1900.


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