Sullivan Ross Collection of Pipe Music by Iain G Millington

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Front Cover

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  • The Author’s Collection, 280mm x 210mm. Donated by Iain G Millington.

In the latter part of the 19th century Sullivan Ross compiled four books of tunes for the fiddle and Highland bagpipe. These are now in the Canadian Museum of Civilisation, Hull, Quebec and in 1996 Iain Millington gained permission to photocopy them. The Ross family requested he compile a book of hitherto unpublished tunes and the result was this book. Some tunes appear as written in the manuscript book and are also presented in the modern style. There are a number of tunes composed by Ross.

Sullivan Ross was born near Dornoch in Sutherland in 1928 and the family migrated to West Zorro, Ontario in Canada 10 years later. He played the fiddle from an early age and as an adult learned to play the pipes. From about 1864 to 1900 Ross compiled the four manuscript books of over 1300 fiddle and bagpipe tunes. He died in 1904.

In July 2008 the late Iain Millington donated photocopies of three of the four manuscript books to the writer’s collection.


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